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1993年に設立された徳華食品は明太子のみを専門に生産してきました。創設者であるコ・チャンソクジュン会長は、明瞭な保存と改善に数十年を費やし、水産食品分野で初めて名場認証を受けました。今日のDukhwa Foodのすべての製品がプレミアム級であることは、彼の献身と努力のおかげで、コ・チャンソクジュンの名誉の後任者は彼の情熱を引き継ぎ、製品の徹底した衛生と安全を確保するために韓国のHACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System)で必要な慣行を含むDukhwa Foodのシステムを近代化しました。




Since its establishment in 1993, Deokhwa Foods Inc. has been specializing \exclusively in fermented pollack roe, known as Myeongnan in Korean. The late company chairman and founder, Jang Seok-jun, was an officially recognized master of his art, having spent decades on preserving and improving Myeongnan. It is thanks to his dedication and effort that all products from Deokhwa today are of premium quality.

Mr. Jang's successors have inherited his passion and also modernized Deokhwa's systems, including practices required by Korea's Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System (HACCP), so as to ensure thorough hygiene and safety in the products. Deokhwa's Myeongnan products dominate the Japanese market, the largest in the world for pollack roe products, as the company has been the main supplier of private-branded In addition, Deokhwa Myeongnan has a history of dominating the world's largest Myeong supplying products as a major supplier of Japan's distributor 7-leven group for seven years from 2009 to 2015.

The company also entered a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Marine Steward Council (MSC) Korea on November 29, 2019, joining the global commitment to eco-friendly and ethical processing and distribution of food.

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