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Seasoned Pollock Roe (Tube type) 110g

Seasoned Pollock Roe (Tube type) 110g

$11.99 通常価格


  • メーカー - (株)徳華フード
  • 原材料及び含有量 - 商品別別表示
  • 原産地 - 明太子(アメリカ産)
  • 商品重量 - 110g

Our tube-type products, containing seasoned myeongnan without their casings, make it easy to enjoy the explosive umami flavor of pollack roe on a variety of dishes. Choose from a wide range of flavor offerings, including original, avocado, seasoned crab and fiery chicken. (Only original available in the USA)
Manufacturer - Deokhwa Food Co., Ltd.
Raw materials and content - Separate indication for each product

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