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명란 깻잎 페스토 콜드 파스타 _edited.jpg

명란 깻잎페스토 콜드파스타

Myeongnan Sesame Leaf Pesto Cold Pasta

명란 깻잎 페스토 콜드 파스타 .png

​무더위를 잊게 해줄

명란 깻잎페스토 콜드파스타

Myeongnan Sesame Leaf Pesto Cold Pasta

솔솔 깻잎의 향긋함으로 시원하고 산뜻함을 동시에 느낄 수 있는

명란 깻잎페스토 콜드파스타로 올 여름 무더위 걱정을 싹 잊어보세요!

With the fragrance of pine sesame leaves, you can feel cool and refreshing at the same time.
Forget about summer heat worries with Myeongnan sesame leaf pesto cold pasta!


백명란 30g, 깻잎, 마늘 1쪽, 잣 약간, 파마산 치즈가루, 올리브유 60ml, 후추 약간, 참기름 약간, 파스타(펜네)100g

White pollack roe 30g, Sesame Leaves, 1 clove of garlic, some pine nuts, Parmesan Cheese Powder, 60ml olive oil, some pepper, a little sesame oil, Pasta (Penne) 100g

​만드는 법

Step1.For white pollack eggs, use the back of a knife to peel the shell and eggs.


Step2.Boil the pasta in boiling water for 8-9 minutes.


Step3. Strain the pasta, drain the water, and spread it on a pan to cool.

Toss with olive oil to prevent pasta from sticking together.


Step4. Wash the sesame leaves well to remove the water completely, and toast the pine nuts in a pan to cool.


Step5. Add sesame leaves, toasted pine nuts, parmesan cheese powder, garlic, olive oil, and pepper to a mixer and grind them finely to make sesame leaf pesto.


Step6. Finish by adding cooled pasta noodles in a bowl, perilla leaf pesto, white cod roe, and sesame oil.

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