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명란 어묵 우동

Myeongnan Fish Cake Udon

명란 국물 우동.png

​따뜻한 국물이 보글보글

명란 어묵 우동

Myeongnan Fish Cake Udon

한 겨울의 잔뜩 움츠러든 몸과 마음을 따땃하게 녹여줄 안성맞춤인 명란 레시피를 소개합니다! 

Introducing pollack roe recipe perfect for the cold winter that will warm your shrunken body and mind!


그때 그대로 명란 1~2덩이, 우동장국 45ml. 우동 면사리, 어묵, 팽이버섯, 쑥갓 조금, 파 조금

1-2 pieces of Pollack Roe, Udon Soup 45ml, Udon Noodles, Fish cake, Enoki mushroom,

A little bit of crown daisy, green onion

​만드는 법

Step1. Boil water in a pot, add frozen udon noodles and boil for about 2 minutes.


Step2. When the noodles are slightly loosened, take them out, put them through a sieve, and rinse them once with ice-cold water.


Step3.  Add 45ml of commercial udon sauce (or Tsuyu) to 550ml of water and boil.

*The ratio of udon sauce and water is set at about 1:12, but the amount used may vary depending on the commercially available udon sauce product.


Step4. When the broth boils, add lightly boiled udon noodles and fish cakes and boil again.


Step5.  While udon is boiling, broil cod roe until golden brown. When the udon is cooked, add golden-brown cod roe, green onion, enoki mushroom, red pepper powder, crown daisy, etc. Add the prepared garnish to your liking.

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